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Mini Golf at Puttstars

Take your pick from one of three 9-hole courses; Zig Zag, Slingshot and Pin Ball. Keep track of your points around the course on our tablets situated at every hole. If you think you’re going to get a hole in one, make sure you select to play your joker for extra points! And remember, if you don’t use your jokers, you’ll lose them! Note our Leeds centre has paper-based scoring.
Putting pro? There’s no need to bring your own putter and balls with you, we’ve got everything you need in centre!


How to win

At Puttstars, the winner is the player with the highest points at the end of the game. The fewer putts it takes, the more points you'll score! Enter the number of putts it takes you into the tablet and this will be automatically turned into points.

Scoring at Puttstars


Putts are turned into points:
Hole in 1 = 1,000
Hole in 2 = 800
Hole in 3 = 600
Hole in 4 = 400
Hole in 5 = 200
Hole in 6+ = 100



Every player will get two jokers per game. Jokers multiply your points by 2. To play your joker, you need to select it on the tablet before you take your shot on that hole. If you don’t use your jokers, you’ll lose them and miss out on extra points!


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