Our business is inherently people focused and has social aims and responsibility at its heart, with a key focus on employment and the communities where our centres are located. We also aim to reduce our environmental impact, both at a local level and in the context of our contribution to climate change.


We bring friends and families together in our welcoming centres where we prioritise health and safety, a responsible approach to eating and drinking, accessibility to all and positive local community relations.

Priority Issues:

  • Accessibility, wellbeing and community relations
  • Health and safety
  • Responsible food and beverage

Last year's highlights:

  • 963,000 concessionary discount games bowled
  • Hollywood Bowl Broadway Plaza proudly hosted the ten-pin bowling element of the 2023 IBSA World Games
  • 50.5% of all soft drinks sold are sugar-free
  • 98.5% of centres passing food and drink audits
  • In 2023 we raised £58,000 for our charity partner Barnardos and launched our new charity partner for 2024, Macmillan. You can read more about our new partnership here


We focus on developing and training our team members, supporting their wellbeing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive Company culture in which they can thrive.

Priority Issues:

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Training and development
  • Team wellbeing
  • Diversity and inclusion

Last year’s highlights:

  • 45% of our management appointments came from internal candidates
  • 11% of our team participated in development progrmmes
  • 94% Of our team completed online training and development modules
  • 5.29 Out of 7 – the average score for wellbeing in our team engagement survey
  • 1 star Rating in Best Companies team survey, ranking us #12 in the Top 25 Big UK Companies To Work For in 2023
Best Big Company to Work For in the UK

Find out more about our progress and future targets here


The centres we operate for playing, working and socialising are increasingly more energy efficient, low-emission, sustainably sourced and recycling-oriented places.

Priority Issues:

  • Waste management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate change

Last year’s highlights:

  • 27 UK centres now have solar array installations
  • 82.7% of waste generated was recycled, with 100 per cent diverted from landfill
  • 0.65% Food and drink wastage as a percentage of revenue
  • 83% of UK centres use energy efficient pins on strings technology
  • 12% of our electricity generated from onsite renewables
  • 100% of directly purchased electricity in the UK from renewable sources
  • 61 UK intensity ratio Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Find out more about our progress and future targets here 

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